Heathkit HW-101 7-25
HW-101 back 7-25
HW-101 side 7-25
HW-101 left 7-25
HW-101 top
HW-101 front2 7-25


This is the Heathkit HW-101 SSB/CW HF Transceiver. This unit operates on the 80 - 10 meter HF frequency bands (except no WARC bands). The unit is rated at 100 watts or better output on the 80 - 15 meter bands and 80 watts or better on 10 meters. Receive sensitivity is .35 uv or less for 10 db. The unit has been fully reconditioned, refurbished, and checked and aligned for proper operation. The CW filter accessory is installed and the unit is meeting rated specs. This is a very clean unit and is ready to plug and play with your antenna, mic, and speaker/power supply. This unit has sold. We may be listing another one in a couple of months.

Price: $325.00

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