HW-2036A front
HW-2036A left
HW-2036A right
HW-2036 back
HW-2036A top
HW-2036A inside top
HW-2036A inside bottom


Synthesized 2M VHF FM Transceiver. When powered up the unit indicates a PLL unlocked condition. Therefore the unit will require some repair. It was also noted that an IC is missing. The unit is being sold in an "as is" condition and can be used as a parts source or is a possible candidate for restoration. This is the "A" version of the HW-2036 and is capable of covering the full 144 to 148 MHz frequency spread. Note: The particular model of PTT microphone that is included was found by Heathkit technicians to be a great match for the HW-5400 transceiver. It was also stocked in the Heathkit parts department to be used as a replacement mic for other models.

Price: $65.00

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