HM-102 (stock photo)

HM-102 Watt meter/SWR bridge. The unit will measure transmitter RF output power in two ranges, 0-200 watts and 0-200 watt ranges. The unit can also check antenna SWR. This unit ...

A picture of the HM-102.

SB-200 (stock photo)

SB-200 Linear Amplifier. This is the amplifier that uses 2) 572B tubes. The amp covers the 80 - 10 meter bands. Output is 650 watts or better with 100 watts ...

A picture of the SB-200.


SB-610 Monitor Scope in excellent condition. This unit can be used to monitor transmitted and received signals. It also has a built in tone generator for 2 tone modulation tests. ...

SB-610 1


SB-634 Station Console. This unit contains the wattmeter, swr meter, 24 hour clock, 10 minute time, and phone patch. The unit has been refurbished, reconditioned, aligned, and calibrated. The console ...

SB-634 1


SB-614 Monitor Scope. This unit has been fully refurbished, reconditioned, and is ready to operate. This is the matching scope for the SB-104(A) line.

SB-614 4


We have many Heathkit manuals available. Some are original manuals, others are copies. Go to this page to see a representative list of manuals we have had available and sample prices. Our inventory changes faster than we can update the web page so please contact us for current prices and availability.

Parts & Accessories

A partial listing of parts available for your Heathkit ham gear. Our parts inventory is extensive - we have listed some of the more popular items. Please contact us for price and availability.


A list of service fees arranged alpabetically by model number. This list shows the standard charge for labor on the Heathkit models we service. Parts and return shipping are additional. The service includes a complete repair, alignment, and calibration. There is a 90 day warranty on the parts and labor.