HX-20 SSB/CW Transmitter

The unit looks good but is untested. May work but not guaranteed. Selling as is.

HX-20 front


This is the Heathkit HM-2102 VHF SWR/wattmeter. The unit can check your antenna SWR as well as measure your transmitter output. The unit provides 2 ranges for measurement: 25 watts ...

HM-2102 VHF front


Sine/Square Audio Signal Generator. The unit has been recently aligned and tested and is working well.

IG-82 2774

Wavetek RF Signal Generator

This generator was a fine working unit on the service bench until it lost RF output. It may be a simple fix for someone who is able to work on ...

Wavetek RF Signal Generator 2636

Hammarlund HQ-100

Nice looking Hammarlund HQ-100 which is working to some extent but will need some TLC to restore to excellent condition. Problems known are: Noisy band switch and controls, needs cleaning, ...



We have many Heathkit manuals available. Some are original manuals, others are copies. Go to this page to see a representative list of manuals we have had available and sample prices. Our inventory changes faster than we can update the web page so please contact us for current prices and availability.

Parts & Accessories

A partial listing of parts available for your Heathkit ham gear. Our parts inventory is extensive - we have listed some of the more popular items. Please contact us for price and availability.


A list of service fees arranged alpabetically by model number. This list shows the standard charge for labor on the Heathkit models we service. Parts and return shipping are additional. The service includes a complete repair, alignment, and calibration. There is a 30 day warranty on the parts and labor.