Used Equipment

SB-102 Station

SB-102 Station

This is an entire station which includes the SB-102, matching SB-600/HP-23A power supply, HM-102 SWR/watt meter, and Desk Microphone. All items have been checked, aligned, and calibrated for normal operation. ...

Price: $695.00

Heathkit HW-101 7-25


This is the Heathkit HW-101 SSB/CW HF Transceiver. This unit operates on the 80 - 10 meter HF frequency bands (except no WARC bands). The unit is rated at 100 ...

Price: $325.00

A picture of the HM-102.

HM-102 (stock photo)

HM-102 Watt meter/SWR bridge. The unit will measure transmitter RF output power in two ranges, 0-200 watts and 0-2000 watt ranges. The unit can also check antenna SWR. This unit ...

Price: $55.00

A picture of the SB-200.

SB-200 (stock photo)

SB-200 Linear Amplifier. This is the amplifier that uses 2) 572B tubes. The amp covers the 80 - 10 meter bands. Output is 650 watts or better with 100 watts ...

Price: $650.00

SB-600 (silver screws)

SB-600 Speaker (STOCK PHOTO)

This is the SB-600 8 ohm speaker which matches the Heathkit SB line equipment. The speaker has been refurbished and is in excellent working condition. The speaker cabinet was designed ...

Price: $98.00