Used Equipment



RF Signal Generator for the testing, repair, and alignment of radio receivers. The generator provides RF signals in the frequency range of 100 Khz to 31 Mhz in five frequency ...

Price: $150.00


SB-300 HF Receiver

Nice reconditioned 80-10 meter receiver. The unit has been reconditioned, aligned, calibrated, and is working very well. It has the SSB and CW filters installed. This is the companion receiver ...

Price: $325.00


HD-1410 Keyer

This is the Heathkit HD-1410 Iambic Keyer. The unit has some paint missing above the speed control but is working as it should. This is a working keyer and is ...

Price: $56.00

Heathkit HD-11

Q Multiplier Model HD-11

Newer version of the older Model QF-1. Has built in power supply and runs on 105-125 volts AC 50/60 Hz When used with a communications receiver, provides additional selectivity or ...

Price: $42.95


HM-2102 VHF SWR/Watt Meter

Heathkit HM-2102 VHF Wattmeter. Condition is "Very Good". This wattmeter is wired for 2 meter operation. Can be rewired for 6 meters. It will measure SWR and power. Two selectable ...

Price: $55.00


SO-4554 40 MHz Dual Trace Scope

Heath 40 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope Model SO-4554. Condition is "Used". Heath described this oscilloscope as a "laboratory grade instrument that is ideal for the wide range of measurements typically ...

Price: $350.00