Used Equipment

IM-5218 R


Heathkit IM-5218 VTVM - Vacuum Tube Voltmeter The unit is in very nice condition and works well. Both the DC/AC/Ohms probe and the RF probe are included. The unit was ...

Price: $79.95

HD-20 Front Rectangle


Heathkit HD-20 crystal oscillator. Will provide a 100 KHz calibration signal for calibrating receivers in the HF range. The unit is missing the 100 KHz crystal and 9 volt battery.

Price: $35.00

B-1 balun

B-1 Balun

Heathkit Balun Coil Model B-1 with Instruction Sheet. Impedance matching transformer with 4:1 ratio for matching balanced lines to unbalanced lines. Power rating: 250 watts Instruction sheet included.

Price: $35.00



Relative Field Strength Meter. Measures relative field strength of nearby transmitted signals. Frequency range: 1.8 - 250 MHz

Price: $35.00


HD-15 Hybrid Phone Patch

This unit was designed to be used for the transfer of audio signals between telephone lines and two-way radio equipment. There is a built-in standard VU meter for monitoring of ...

Price: $35.00


HM-2102 VHF SWR/Watt Meter

Heathkit HM-2102 VHF Wattmeter. Condition is "Very Good". This wattmeter is wired for 2 meter operation. Can be rewired for 6 meters. It will measure SWR and power. Two selectable ...

Price: $35.00