Heathkit PTT Mic

Heathkit PTT Handheld Microphone

New old stock replacement microphone from the Heathkit parts department. These mics are a good match for the Heathkit transceivers and transmitters. A wiring diagram for connector installation is included. ...

Price: $34.95

Layfayette Power/SWR meter

Lafayette Power/SWR Meter (Used)

This is a used Lafayette Power/SWR meter which will measure RF power up to 100 watts and is useful for checking your antenna's SWR. Max power: 100 watts SWR: 1:1 ...

Price: $25.00

Mars SW-50 Front

Mars SWR Meter

Mars Model SW-50 SWR Meter The unit has been checked and is working well.

Price: $20.00

Qualcomp meter

Qual comp SWR FS Meter

Qual Comp Model 120 SWR Field Stength Meter Measures SWR from 1:1 to 3:1 and will measure relative field strength of transmitted signals. The unit has been checked and is ...

Price: $20.00