SBA-1400-4 front
SBA-1400-4 left
SBA-1400-4 right
SBA-1400-4 back
SBA-1400-4 top front
SBA-1400-4 top rear
SBA-1400-4 manual


This is the matching Speaker/Power Supply for the Heath (Heathkit) SB-1400 transceiver. The unit was made by Yaesu for Heath Company. As well as the Yaesu FT-757 transceivers, it can also be used to power other units requiring nominal 13.8 VDC @ 20 amps. This one looks good but is not currently working. It will require at least some regulator work (the regulator is currently missing from the regulator board). The unit is being sold as is for your repair/restoration. The operation manual with the schematic is included.

Price: $65.00

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